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AI Security

An industry leader in AI innovation

AI Security

An industry leader in AI innovation

Broubart Technologies is the preferred AI CCTV solution provider, offering cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to provide you and your property with the security you deserve.
Stop Crime Before it Happens

AI offers 24/7 security surveillance, without the need for human intervention, providing unparalleled accuracy and stability for businesses and homeowners alike.

An AI-powered CCTV camera system can provide real-time surveillance and analysis of the location’s security status, triggering alerts in critical situations with a 96% threat detection accuracy rate.

One of the significant advantages of CCTV is the ability to monitor your home or business remotely. Whether you’re concerned about the safety of your family, the security of your property, or the well-being of your staff, CCTV allows you to keep an eye on things from anywhere.

Don’t wait for traditional alarms to trigger once intruders are inside; act proactively with outdoor CCTV cameras and security beams to prevent break-ins.

Key Benefits

Cost Saving

up to 60% less than a traditional guarding solution

24/7 Reliable

effective on-going monitoring of your site

Total Coverage

simultaneous views on screen at all times

Fast Response

accurate crime reports result in quicker response times

Thermal Imaging

ideal for dark, difficult to monitor areas


The installation of CCTV cameras is an excellent deterrent against criminals and gives you the ability to monitor your security remotely.  CCTV AI technology means security is no longer bound within the four walls of your building.  CCTV systems can record all activities in their vicinity, aiding authorities in identifying and apprehending criminals.


ANPR technology is used to recognize number plates and cross reference this within our global database of suspicious vehicles, including those listed in the law enforcement database. Potential threats are notified to armed response and SAPS.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal cameras are suggested for large outdoor areas where lighting is challenging and monitoring is difficult.  Thermal cameras pick up objects based on the heat they radiate, they can see things that the human eye cannot, allowing for clear monitoring even in darkness, and if criminals are hiding in bushes.  Thermal cameras provide quality images day or night.

Long Range Surveillance

Long range cameras are ideal to monitor large outdoor areas and perimeter security. The quality cameras can reach distances as far as 300 meters away and they can zoom in to capture clear images of finer details such as people and vehicle detail. A suitable security solution protecting your assets from a distance, an ideal outdoor surveillance tool.


Outdoor security beams provide an additional layer of defence for your building. These beams are strategically placed externally and serve as an early warning system. Integrating outdoor security beams with your alarm system creates a formidable deterrent that prevents intruders from getting close into your home.

Loud Horn

Network-based audio is an ideal addition to a video-based AI solution to protect client’s premises. Our iCentre can warn potential criminals immediately that they are being monitored which is an effective way to prevent crime. The combined audio and camera solution is an alternative to onsite guards, the iCentre dispatches the response team when required.

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