AI Solutions

Broubart’s Technology division is novel and dynamic; linking various independent security systems together. We have integrated several systems across a number of sites, including: Offsite video verification, Artificial Intelligence, Automatic number plate recognition, Intruder & Panic alarms, access control, fire detection and visitor management systems. As a result, Broubart’s state-of-the-art security systems can rapidly identify threats and incidents and will better manage all your security requirements while reducing your costs.



COST SAVING – up to 60% less than a traditional guarding solution


24/7 RELIABLE – effective on-going monitoring of your site


TOTAL COVERAGE – simultaneous views on screen at all times


FAST RESPONSE – accurate crime reports result in quicker response times


ELIMINATES HUMAN RISK – helps prevent intimidation and keep your staff safe

Experienced and Certified Technical Team

Guided by our Technology Manager, our teams are trained to install, maintain and repair technologies such as CCTV, Artificial Technologies, Alternative power, Access Control, Alarm Systems, Electric Fencing and Barrier Control such as Boom gates and Turnstiles. Our sales team facilitates custom design solutions based on our client’s requirements and exposure to risk. 

Our range of solutions

CCTV Solutions


Electric Fencing

Artificial Intelligence

Panic Systems

# Plate Recognition

Offsite Solutions

Power Solutions

Fire Detection

Access Control


Visitor Management

Our iCentre Functions

These state-of-the-art facilities, based in East London and Port Elizabeth, incorporate the latest in hardware and software technology and is driven by experienced and trained iCentre staff to deliver the following off-site services:

Video Verification with Artificial Intelligence:

Similar to the human brain, our advanced cognitive analytic and artificial intelligence (AI) software ‘learns’ its environment by means of algorithms. As the AI software evolves, it becomes ‘smarter’ and is able to distinguish between humans, animals and inanimate objects. Our analytical software can be used in real-time as early warning systems or in place of outdated alarm & beam security systems. The advantage of real-time is being able to detect, analyze and react as an incident unfolds. If your site is monitored by us, our iCentre team will verify your alarm and rapidly respond to threatening situations. This allows for quick reaction times from armed response, police and emergency services directly to your site.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR):

Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology is used to recognize number plates and cross reference this within our global database of suspicious vehicles, including those listed in the law enforcement database. This technology relies on strategically placed cameras in places like neighborhoods, complexes, shopping malls, airport car parks, banks, casinos and so on. (Support levels SAPS / Hawks etc)

Alarm and Panic Monitoring:

Alarm and panic monitoring is a quick and detailed communication between your business or home security system and our iCentre. Your control panel registers an emergency event and sends out a distress signal. The appropriate authorities are notified and sent to your property.

Remote Access & Communication:

Our iCentre has the capacity to remotely open doors/gates, control lights and make audible communication to authorized individuals on your property.

Environmental & Health Checks:

Our facility can fully integrate with automation systems that measure temperature, liquid levels and monitor spillage and voltage, amongst other specifications.