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Commercial Crime Trends
Published 14th April 2022

Our economy continues suffering under the strain of a lack of jobs, increased living expenses, and heightened crime levels. Our country is still trying to emerge from the aftermath of the national lockdown and continues to stumble through load shedding. Desperation levels are exasperated, leading to the crime being a solution for many.

When the South African Police Service (SAPS) presented the country’s latest crime statistics, covering the third quarter of the 2021/22 financial year (Oct-Dec 2021), commercial crimes were up by 15.9%1. Commercial properties are being targeted and are experiencing higher numbers of theft cases.

Most commercial properties are protected from the inside and rarely have adequate and up-to-date security solutions for the exterior of their properties. In combination, properties that have been unattended due to lockdown, or put at risk because of load shedding, are targeted the most. These circumstances make it easy for criminals to trespass and steal copper, transformers, and municipal fencing.

Furthermore, cable theft is an ever-increasing reality in South Africa. With inadequate security measures, commercial crime will continue to trend.

At Broubart, we constantly seek ways to protect our customers and their properties. With technological advances, our security solutions are cutting edge. We have integrated several systems, such as offsite video verification, Artificial Intelligence, access control, and intruder alarms. Our systems rapidly identify threats and manage all your security requirements while reducing costs.

Technology powers Broubart. We employ state-of-the-art analytical software which is used in real-time. Our systems replace the outdated alarm & beam security systems that were once effective. At a given point, we can manage simultaneous views of your premises on screen, effectively creating a multipoint handle on all areas of your premises and business.

While most incidents of theft are often opportunistic, growing commercial crime statistics tend to shift this perspective. It is becoming more and more challenging not to consider the possibility of cable theft and exterior equipment theft as organised crime. Therefore, the right security solutions are needed for you and your business to continue surviving without unnecessary losses.

Reach out to us today about all of your security questions and requirements. We are here to assist you with peace of mind!

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