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Maintain Clear Visibility around your Security Cameras/Sensors
Published 29th August 2023

In the realm of security, AI is assuming an increasingly vital role. It enhances security systems’ capacity to identify and address potential threats, surpassing conventional methods swiftly and precisely.

Research has demonstrated that AI boasts a 95% threat detection rate with 96% accuracy. These impressive figures are particularly noteworthy when contrasted with the fact that over 80% of conventional alarm triggers are false.

Safeguarding the precision of your AI security apparatus necessitates keeping plant growth and branches away from security cameras and sensors.

Firstly, this practice aids in averting erroneous alarms prompted by swaying branches or rustling leaves.

Secondly, it guarantees an unobstructed field of view for cameras and sensors, enabling effective monitoring of the designated area.

Thirdly, it acts as a preventive measure against potential damage to cameras or sensors from falling debris or branches.

Maintaining regular trimming of trees and bushes is recommended to prevent their encroachment upon your security equipment.

Our commitment to simplifying your transition to a smart home is evident. Reach out to us to explore how we can seamlessly integrate AI security systems, leveraging your existing alarm setup along with CCTV cameras or beams to maximize their benefits.

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