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“Onion” Security
Published 27th January 2022

It is Broubart’s passion to help our clients and community with safety issues and advice. The newest buzzword in security is “layered security measures”; hence the blog title “Onion Security” – as the layers of an onion protects the fragile new shoot on the inside, so you should think of the security measures that you can implement to keep you safe in your home. Let us have a look at the layers from the outside in…

Your Neighborhood
The outermost layer of the security in the home is actually a communal issue. Some neighborhoods are more security-conscious than others. Security measures in your neighborhood could be:
• A guardhouse/night guards
• Neighbourhood Watch
• Community Patrol
• Sufficient lighting (street lamps & lights on fences & walls)

It is important that neighbours look out for one another and that the people in your neighbourhood all work together towards the safety of the suburb.

Your Perimeter
The perimeter of your property can be secured by a fence or wall that is high enough to actually serve as a hindrance to those unlawful visitors, especially with electric fencing attached. Together with a wall or fence, a sturdy gate is a worthwhile investment. Automating your gate would be even better. (Getting out of your vehicle to unlock a gate can put you at risk in some instances.) we also highly recommend getting our wireless external Gate Contact Solution which links your gate to your Alarm system as an additional zone for early notification should

Ensure that your trees are not growing over your fences or walls and that your electric fences are in good working condition.

Ask your security company to provide you with a signboard for your fence or wall. Intruders think twice when they see that you have a reputable security company like Broubart as an ally to your safety.

Your Garden/Exterior
If you are able to install beams to “patrol” the exterior and garden of your property, remember to have your security company help you to set them at the right height.

CCTV cameras have become common practice with the safeguarding of your home and loved ones. AI can be used by your security company to monitor the cameras and ensure your safety.

Your Points of Access
All doors and windows as well as the roof of your house can be used as access points for intruders. Make sure that they are secure with whatever means are necessary and affordable to you – i.e burglar bars (on the inside), security gates, etc. You can have motion sensors installed on top of your ceiling that can trigger an alarm.

Heart of the Home
In your bedrooms and living areas, you can think about motion sensors and panic buttons in strategic places. All members of the household should know security codes and be familiar with the security system. One can even consider practicing security drills with your family, similar to safety and security drills that you should be having in your workplace.

These days there are security systems that are so sophisticated that you can control it all from your cellphone – even when you are not home.

The more layers you have, the more secure you can be – intruders will be deterred and delayed and you and your family will be safer in your home.

Ask your expert Broubart consultant’s expert advice regarding security layering & integration. We are there to help.

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