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Staying Ahead with Technology Trends in Video Surveillance
Published 16th November 2021

As we may know, video surveillance is continuously developing with no real signs of this changing in the future. Keeping up with the trends may be consuming. However, with this developing technology going beyond traditional physical security, why not take full advantage of it? This type of technological development is intriguing and is always offering new possibilities. So, what are some of the noteworthy trends?

Firstly, video surveillance is intelligent. Artificial intelligence is leading this spike in innovation. Machine and Deep learning are producing improved data and business intelligence. Moreover, they are driving progress in many other sectors too. Deep learning will assist and speed up investigations due to accuracy while decreasing costs.

Secondly, edge-based solutions offer resource efficiency and reduced processing time. The discussion about storage continues, yet a horizontal approach to using edge, Cloud storage, and server illustrate a move to maximising the advantages of each platform.

Considering that we are still reeling under the pressures of COVID-19, surveillance technology has adapted as well. Third, touchless solutions have prompted an increasing need for facial recognition and improved solutions for traffic and crowd control management, heatmapping, and even social distancing or face mask detection. This innovation will drastically improve all non-physical contact efforts.

New business models are possible by enhancing a camera that someone already has, transforming it into a versatile element of one surveillance infrastructure. As a result, security companies can streamline their operations, improve their customer experience, and increase revenue.

Uniquely, video surveillance devices are integrating with other physical security and building management platforms. Hence, providing more intelligent data. With AI-based analytics, staff can be alerted in real-time and act swiftly. With the integration between verified alarm systems and video surveillance, customers can reduce unnecessary and costly false alarms. In effect, reducing nuisance calls as well.

For a more detailed and customed solution, contact us today. We would love to help you develop all your surveillance needs. Similarly, if you do not yet have video surveillance, let us know how we can help.

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