Remote or car jamming is a practice where criminals use a signal-jamming device to prevent a car’s central locking and alarm systems from being activated, leaving the car exposed to theft and vandalism.

Although certainly not a new phenomenon in South Africa, it continues to be an escalating safety concern and on the rise. Hot spots include parking areas outside of schools and quiet shops and shopping centres with less security around but can easily happen anywhere a car is parked.

The remote jamming involves the blocking of car remotes using a household remote as they both operate on a 400-megahertz frequency. This prevents the car from locking and criminals have access to valuable items without using forced entry. It’s also worth noting that not all insurance companies will cover these losses.

Don’t be a victim of this type of crime, follow some of these simple steps:

Be vigilant: always take note of the surrounding environment and of any suspicious persons or activity in and around the parking area.

Tell Security or centre management if you have witness suspicious persons or activity.

Don’t leave valuables unattended in your car. If you do have a valuable item, rather keep it with you or try to hide it out of sight.

Check that your car is locked;
never push the remote locking while you are walking away and first check that the doors and boot are locked before walking away.

Spread the word; be sure to inform others about this type of criminal activity.

Should you wish to detect if a jamming signal is taking place there are remote jamming detectors available. In these cases, the detector will pulse a siren and display red flashing lights while a jamming signal is occurring. The siren usually persists until the jamming ceases. These types of products don’t deactivate the jamming but function to inform you that jamming is taking place and that you should not leave your car unattended. In this case, it would also be wise to inform security, or any people close by.

Remote jamming is on the rise in South Africa which means it’s time to follow some simple steps to ensure your car and any valuables inside remain safe. For any more information and assistance on security matters, please feel free to get in touch with us.