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False Alarms and Their Impact
Published 26th March 2024

False alarms are more than just a minor inconvenience—they can have significant consequences for both private security companies and the people they protect. In South Africa, where security is a critical concern, understanding the impact of false alarms is essential.

False alarms can affect security companies, homeowners, and businesses in the following manner:

Emergency Response Teams: False alarms divert emergency response teams from genuine emergencies. When responders rush to a location only to find no threat, it wastes valuable time and resources.

Operational Efficiency: Security companies must allocate personnel and resources to investigate false alarms, affecting their overall operational efficiency.

Reputation: Frequent false alarms can damage a security company’s reputation, affecting client trust and future business prospects.

Homeowners: False alarms erode trust in security systems. Homeowners may become complacent, assuming every alarm is another false positive.

Audible Alarms: Frequent false alarms with blaring sirens can be highly annoying for neighbours. The sudden noise disrupts their tranquillity and may cause frustration.

If you do accidentally trigger an alarm, disarm the alarm and call the control room immediately. Inform them that the alarm was triggered accidentally. They will update their records and prevent unnecessary emergency responses. Provide any necessary verification details to confirm your identity.

It is important to regularly test alarm systems to ensure functionality, but coordinate with, and notify the control room before testing alarms, to prevent unnecessary emergency responses. To mitigate false alarms, we recommend having your alarm system checked and serviced by the alarm company every 6 months.

It’s important to proactively manage the environment surrounding your alarm system, such as ensuring that there is no foliage affecting your cameras/beams/electric fencing and that there are no obstructions.

Educate your family on proper security system usage. Teach them how to avoid common mistakes that trigger false alarms. By understanding the causes and consequences of false alarms, we can work together to minimize their occurrence and enhance overall security.

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