Panic buttons are a lifesaving security measure that can save you and your family from life-threatening emergencies with the simple press of a button. Panic systems are not only used to protect your homes against security threats but they can also be used to signal for medical assistance as well as other types of emergencies such as fires for example.

How panic buttons work

Panic buttons work when a person in difficulty, presses it signaling for help. Panic buttons are usually placed in obscure places when an obvious call for help is too risky. This distress signal then alerts a security company of your situation where they can respond as needed.

Different types of panic buttons

There are many types and styles of panic buttons that are available depending on your preference. They can have one or two pushbuttons, or they can be activated by squeezing the device or by pressing on it with your foot or even with your knee. This is especially useful in a situation where you need to be as imperceptible as possible. Panic buttons can also be located under tabletops or counters for this very same reason.

Panic buttons can also be wireless or non-wireless. Wireless panic buttons can be battery operated and carried around independent of any cabling or wires to get it to function. However, care must be taken to ensure that the batteries are charged at all times.

Wired panic buttons are connected by electrical cables and placed in important areas within your home or business where the security risk is high.

Panic buttons have now also been integrated into technology and can be activated through the use of a mobile app and can even be worn on a necklace or bracelet.

Where panic systems can be used

Panic systems are not just protection devices for home use only. Violent instances can occur almost anywhere from schools, to banks, to retail stores, to pharmacies and hospitals even. Panic systems usually function as part of a larger security system and can include fire alarms, burglar alarms and video surveillance cameras as part of a wider security system.

Panic systems are undoubtedly extremely useful in emergency situations where time is of the essence. Because they are so discreet in design, they can be the advantage you need to stay a step ahead in dangerous situations.

If you are looking to beef up your security system and feel that a panic system would be the perfect addition to make your home or business even more secure, contact Broubart Security today.