Living in a country like SA, where the crime rate is constantly on the rise, we have to be part of the safety solution. But what can we, as normal, run of the mill, citizens do to contribute?
How can we all partner together to be more vigilant and to work towards safer neighbourhoods?

Even while we have been experiencing so much isolation and distancing during the Covid time, working together towards safer neighbourhoods is an attainable goal. We can work in unison, even while we might not be in one another’s presence.

Here are some very simple and practically workable things we can do:

  1. Know your Neighbours
    Keeping our neighbourhoods safe is somewhat of a team effort. Getting to know your neighbours is a good place to start. You don’t have to be best friends to help one another to be vigilant. We can share the common goal of neighbourhood safety and keep an eye out for one another.
  2. Keep us Informed
    Should you be planning to be away for a weekend or a holiday, let us know. Also, ensure that you have informed us of contact details while you are away.
  3. Not inviting Strangers
    All around our neighbourhoods there are vagrants and recyclers roaming the streets, going through refuse bags & looking for recyclable materials to collect and sell. Don’t put out your refuse bags too long in advance and thus invite strangers into your neighborhood.
  4. Be Proactive
    Let us know when you are planning a big event at your home and you are expecting more than usual parked cars and visitors. Arrange with us to supply a guard to keep your visitors’ cars and your neighbourhood safe.
  5. Improve Lighting
    You have heard that “trouble brews in the dark”. A very simple way to make your neighbourhood safer is to have a few extra lights installed in strategic places. Ask our security experts where you should install some extra lights to prevent that “brewing of trouble”.
  6. Ask for Technical Help
    You should always make sure that your security system is in working order. We are here to help with any technical issues you might experience. Your neighbourhood will be a safer place if your security system is in good working order and our response time is a crime deterrent.
  7. Know your Visitors
    Don’t have unnecessary visitors come to your house for deliveries, quotes, collections, and the like. With everything being ordered online these days, this might be a challenge. Make sure you know who will be visiting, and if you feel unsafe and exposed, let us know and we can help with visibility and a drive-by every now and then…

Together we can make our neighbourhoods a safer place for ourselves and our children.