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How to Stay Safe and Live Wisely in a COVID-19 Era
Published 22nd April 2021

With Covid restrictions easing up, the threat that the pandemic poses to society is still a very real reality as countries fear the coming waves of the constantly mutating virus that is showing no signs of slowing down. That is why it is so important for every one of us not to let our guards avoid the recurrence of this deadly disease from resurging until we receive adequate doses of the vaccine to put an end to this ravaging epidemic.

Continue to abide by the law
So, how can we continue to exercise the necessary care whilst resuming life as we know it? The first step is of course to abide by the law and continue to wear our masks and shields in all social settings as well as sanitise regularly, keeping the required social distance from others.

Why proper sanitisation is so important
Proper sanitisation is of course one of the biggest components of staying safe and we can do this best by disinfecting surfaces sufficiently to avoid the spread of the disease. One of the latest products on the market that guarantees to deliver on sanitation is known as ZOONO. ZOONO provides 24 hr protection on the body against germs as well as Covid and lasts as long as 30 days on surfaces. The need for such a stringent sanitiser is apparent on high tough point surfaces especially and is even more so important in places with high foot traffic.

Providing the assurance you need in a still busy world
Free from harmful chemicals, this water-based sanitiser will provide the assurance you need that your premises and staff are protected and can be used in your home as well to give you and your family extra peace of mind. Fogging services are also provided by ZOONO should you need this service too.

Just as providing security solutions to those who need it remains our top priority, equally as important is the need for a secure and safe hygienic environment to live in as well as to conduct business in. It is carrying on with small but essential steps like these that we can continue to keep infections at a low rate. Now more than ever it is important not to let our guards down when it is so easy to do so – instead, we should guard ourselves, our families, and our livelihoods with even more care to ensure that we can resume business and life as we were once used to.

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