With the current lockdown restrictions easing up, crime is on the increase with criminals finding new ways to target their victims. One such ploy that is on the increase in South Africa is access gate hijackings. 

According to crime stats SA, there has been a notable increase of around 20% in hijackings in South Africa including an alarming increase in access gate hijackings particularly in quiet complexes and estates.  To prevent yourself from being another hijacking statistic there are basic steps that you can implement to prevent this from happening to you.

Steps you can take to safeguard yourself against hijackers

  • Be alert for at least two kilometers prior to driving home – ensure to concentrate and pay extra special attention to your surroundings. Also, be aware of cars around and behind you so that you might notice if someone follows you home. 
  • Change your route every so often so that criminals don’t notice a routine pattern to take advantage of. 
  • Make sure that the area you have to stop at before the boom gates is well lit so that you can spot sudden movements much better.
  • Ensure that your complex or estate has extremely strict security control measures and procedures in place such as well-functioning intercoms, secure access codes, and proper identification authentication for all people entering or leaving the premises. 
  • If you have accessibility to a panic button it can be a lifesaver in a hijacking situation. 
  • If are traveling home at night ask someone to meet you at the gate to deter hijackers from targeting you when you are alone. 
  • Be very wary of vehicles with occupants inside that are parked and stationery for no apparent reason. 
  • Always make sure your doors are locked and your windows are closed properly. 
  • Make sure that when stopping behind a vehicle entering the gates that you leave at least half a metre gap between you so that you can maneuver yourself out of the way in the case of an emergency situation. 
  • The positioning of multiple CCTV cameras or cameras that are able to move to cover the entire driveway and even a portion of the road leading up to the driveway is also very useful to have outside your complex or estate. 

Applying a few of these steps in your daily routine can minimise your risk of being a victim of hijackers. If you would like to know more about how we can help you implement stricter security measures, contact Broubart security today.