Getting better acquainted with your newly installed alarm is worth the effort and time if you don’t want to inadvertently set off a false alarm by accident. The term false alarm describes security alarm systems regularly triggered by actions that pose no real threat/ cause for concern.  False alarms, therefore, place a huge financial burden on the security services industry as this can be an unnecessary time-waster and can potentially compromise the safety of a client is who is in fact in real danger.

If you have an alarm system installed, you can play a part in helping to combat this very real problem by implementing these few simple steps. 

What you can do to help

  • Keep a record of your alarm operating procedures on hand to refer back to if something should occur with your alarm system that seems out of the norm. If there is anything you are unsure of within the procedures itself, don’t hesitate to clear up any uncertainties with the salespeople who installed it for you.
  • If you should happen to entrust your home into the care of someone else when you’re not there, you should ensure to keep them up to speed with how your alarm operates.
  • You should also have a rough idea of how long it takes to disarm your alarm should it go off unnecessarily as well as how long it takes to activate your alarm in case of an emergency.
  • To keep your alarm system functioning effectively, regular maintenance and servicing of your alarm are necessary in order to pick up any problem areas within the system that might compromise your safety.
  • Make sure to always close your windows and lock all doors including sliding doors and garage doors when leaving your home unoccupied.
  • Keep your security services provider updated on any changes to all emergency contact information.
  • In the event of a false alarm occurring, disarm your alarm as soon as you can and call Broubart Security for assistance.

There a few potential causes of false alarms that may cause your alarm to go off unnecessarily that are good to be aware of, these include strong droughts from aircons or fans; small animals and stray tree branches that may cause movement near the alarm detector; noisy and heavy vibrations from machinery and equipment; doors and windows that don’t close properly that may bang shut on occasion as well as faults within the wiring and the installation of the alarm itself.

If you are looking for an alarm system to be installed on your property or if you have any other questions about false alarm systems, contact Broubart Security today for reliable advice and assistance.