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Tips to ensure your security measures are ready for 2021
Published 18th January 2021

The start of this new year hasn’t been as smooth sailing for most of us as would have wanted it to be nor could we have expected it to be in light of current events. With the pandemic still very much a reality in our lives, our homes are our safe havens, a place where we feel free to be ourselves, and where we find rest and relaxation in a stressed-out world.

It is with this thought in mind that you should find ways to keep your homes as safe and secure as possible so that you can concentrate on fulfilling your personal and professional goals for the new year.

Ensuring your security system is up to date

With the added financial pressures that a new year brings with it in the form of higher interest rates and subscription renewals etc., it may feel that checking that your security system is up to date is not really a necessity especially if there is nothing apparently wrong with it. But if you have priceless items or objects in your home that you want to continue to protect then doing a thorough check is in your and your family’s best interests.

Begin by checking the perimeters of fences, beams, gates, and walls around your property to check for anything that may need repairs. Then start to do a thorough perusal of your home by inspecting sliding doors and burglar bars for signs of rust that may impede the effectiveness of closing it shut properly.

Also do a check of beams, alarms, and panic buttons to ensure that they are in working order. We have enjoyed plenty rain and sun recently, so the trees and plants have grown tremendously over the spring period, this is causing the plants to activate beams and creating lots of false alarms. Vitamin D offers excellent free health benefits, so we suggest spending some time in your garden enjoying the sun, cutting back plants to avoid compromised security.

And lastly, don’t forget to ensure that your profile and details are up to date with your security provider to avoid any delays should an emergency occur.

Join your neighbourhood watch

Neighbourhood watches work. There are many benefits that having a neighbourhood watch can bring your community that include:

• Minimising the potential for criminal activity in your area. A neighbourhood watch comprises a team of people that live in your area who work hand-in-hand with the authorities to establish an action plan to keep a watch over your home as well as that of your neighbours.
• It creates a sense of unity within your neighbourhood because everyone is looking out for each other and paying attention to suspicious activities that may occur that are out of the norm for your neighbourhhood.
• Having a platform to connect with each other can provide the opportunity to address other poignant issues that need to be addressed that affect the lives of you and others within your community.

2021 may not have started out as everything you could have hoped for but your goals and motivation to be and see the change personally, professionally and within the wider community can change that.

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