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Published 27th September 2021

Last month, Police Minister General Bheki Cele (MP) released the Crime Statistics of Quarter One of this financial year, 2021/2022. He stated that these statistics are dispiriting if not understood within their context. The report shows that there are several increases in Sub-Category crimes. However, this is a comparison with the same period last year, which recorded skewed and abnormal crime trends. As a result, South Africans have been ramping up their house’s home security.

Understanding the 2021/2022 Crime Statistics

There are two leading elements to consider. Firstly, the Crime Statistics of Quarter One in last year’s financial year were affected by our Level 5 lockdown rules. Due to COVID 19, the nation stayed indoors for a long time. Thus, almost preventing crime from happening in its usual way. Secondly, a widespread move to work from home means people are spending additional time in their homes. Consequently, the pandemic has prompted many to upgrade their security.

To clarify, people are still working at home. Some even continue to support their children with online schooling. Therefore, homeowners are looking to feel safer and want to increase their home security amid this growing crime wave. Taking physical security measures in the home is extremely important as they are always the first line of defence.

To conclude, Police Minister General Bheki Cele (MP) reported that Property Related crimes have increased by 6.0%. “Home robbery” is regarded as a violent crime as people are at home when it takes place. Most of these home robberies are opportunistic, as criminals try to gain access to homes through windows, garages, gates, doors, and in rare cases, through the roof. For this reason, South Africans are encouraged to do a thorough security audit of their home. Some effective ways to do a security audit can include:

● Regularly testing your alarm system
● If considering burglar bars, ensure they are high-quality bars that are professionally installed
● Exterior lighting, especially motion-controlled, can alert neighbours and startle the burglar
● Reinforce all main doors with multi-point locks

A Security Audit will help point out weak points in one’s home security. For answers to your security needs, contact us today to find out how we can help better the safeguarding of your home.

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