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Women’s Month Safety Tips
Published 25th August 2021

At Broubart we pride ourselves on being proactive and we strive to keep all of our citizens safe. With this month being National Women’s Month, we thought that an article aimed specifically at our female citizens, would be appropriate. We believe that our ladies should be equipped and empowered to be secure in our neighbourhoods and cities.

We are sure that you do not have time to take self-defense lessons (which is an option!) or to go for your martial arts black belt. So, what are some basic and simple ways to ensure your safety?

Be Aware and Awake.
Whether you are driving, jogging, walking, or cycling in the neighbourhood or in town, you should be alert and aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to your environment and the people and landmarks about you. If you know that you will be driving / walking in an unfamiliar part of town, do some research or ask around about the safety in that area. Be prepared and have a plan. It is a good idea to be informed of where the nearest police station or security/guardhouse is.

Have Company.
“Misery loves company” – the saying goes, but we believe that “safety loves company” too. It is much safer for ladies to go out – whether on foot or in your car – in pairs. Although this isn’t always possible or practical, there is safety in numbers. Especially at night, we suggest that you ask a friend or family member to accompany you if you have to be out and about.

Make sure that you are not distracted by anything while you are driving/walking –ignore your cellphone if you don’t have a car kit and even with a car kit, beware of losing focus. If your children are being a distraction, rather pull into a parking area/garage and pacify them before continuing your journey. A distracted driver or pedestrian is an easy target.

Location Tracking
One of the wonderfully helpful and useful things that we are able to do on our smartphones these days is to track someone’s location. It is a good idea to give a friend or family member access to your live location. Especially if you know that you will have to drive or walk alone, you should alert someone close to you of your whereabouts. Ask someone to show you how this works, if you don’t know yet.

Self-Defense Goodies
It is a good idea to keep some form of “self-defense gear” in your handbag or in the door of your car. This could include pepper spray, a personal alarm maker, or even a stun gun.

Vehicle Maintenance
Make sure that your vehicle is serviced regularly and maintained properly – this will ensure that getting stuck on the side of the road does not compromise you. Should you have a vehicle emergency like a flat tire, try to make it to a garage rather than stopping just anywhere on the side of the road. And don’t leave things visible in your car to attract unwanted attention.

These are but a few basic tips because we want our ladies to be safe and we also wish them to know that BROUBART is there for them, so, please keep our number on your speed dial list, and don’t hesitate to call us, should you feel unsafe or be in distress.

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