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Security Measures After a Completed Building Project
Published 28th November 2023

It’s important to consider security implications when undertaking building projects. A lot of people tend to forget this aspect in the rush and stress to complete the construction or renovation project. Builders moving around in your personal space can pose risks, as they become familiar with the property, your security system and routine.

It’s important to assess your security needs post a construction project, start by evaluating your home’s current security measures and identifying any vulnerabilities that may have been introduced during the building or renovation project. Consider factors such as new access points, changes in layout, and potential weak spots.

And don’t forget the roof, which is a favoured criminal entry point, if people have been in your roof, they could have cut or damaged roof passives without you realising unless you test it.

It’s advisable that you implement extra stringent security measures for a period after the building project is completed. Make sure all doors, windows and gates are closed and locked before leaving your home.

If you have invested in upgrading your home, it’s a fair requirement to upgrade your alarm system to keep up with your property investment. Invest in a comprehensive security system that includes burglar bars, alarm system, beams, security cameras, and a monitoring service. Modern security systems offer mobile app integration, allowing you to monitor and control your home’s security remotely.

A well-lit yard can help deter burglars and make it easier for you to see any suspicious activity.

It’s important to note that these are just a few tips to enhance your property, home and family security. For more information, please contact us to conduct a risk assessment and a consult to get personalized advice based on your home’s unique characteristics and your specific security concerns.

You could quite simply take advantage of our bolt on Rhino-I Verify AI Solution, our proactive security solution where strategic CCTV camera positions are integrated and ‘bolted’ onto your existing alarm system.

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