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Security Measures during Lockdown
Published 20th May 2020

Living in Lockdown poses many novel challenges as try to come to terms with this lifestyle. As if worrying about the virus and enduring the associated stress and anxiety of financial and emotional implications wasn’t enough, we also need to stay security smart.

As it stands, South Africa is a country already burdened with high levels of crime where people need to always take care. For many South Africans now, the impact of the corona virus and lockdown is reaching unbearable, as people find themselves in desperate positions.

That is why, now, more than ever, we remind you of the importance of staying mindful of safety routines in your homes and workplaces. As residents we caution you to not become complacent and follow security measures such as:

  • Keeping all security gates locked
  • Setting the alarm system during the night
  • Shop with caution as food and other essentials are now hot commodities
  • Venture out vigilantly; for example, don’t take valuables during your 6am to 9am exercise sessions, refrain from wearing valuable jewellery
  • Do not accept any free samples or gifts from anyone during lockdown
  • Don’t approach people who you can’t identify
  • Join or start a community security WhatsApp group to keep in touch with the neighbourhood

Broubart administer and manage Security WhatsApp groups for many neighbourhoods’ which have proven to be proactive and reduce crime substantially when working with communities directly.

If you are a business owner and are not able to organise security for your premises while operating at minimal capacity, we suggest following some key activity recommendations to help keep your work area as safe as possible:

  • Always know who has the keys and access to the office
  • Deactivate access fobs for employees who are not required to attend the office during lockdown
  • Visit the office a few times during the week to check things such as;
    • ensuring all electronic equipment is switched off,
    • removing any cash from office premises,
    • making sure any important documents are securely stored,
    • regularly testing alarm and CCTV systems
    • performing site perimeter checks

Spending more time at home during lockdown might protect you from the virus, but it doesn’t make you immune to crime. Stay alert and stay safe.

Broubart Security is an essential Service provider and has the necessary expertise to revaluate your risk during these unprecedented times, to offer cost effective solutions which, improve your security and mitigate your risk.

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