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Solar Panel Theft
Published 20th June 2023

The demand for alternative power products has risen among businesses and homeowners who want to avoid the disruptions caused by Eskom’s load shedding. However, this also attracts criminals who target electrical contractors who install these products.

One of the most preferred options for alternative power is solar, which has seen a surge in popularity among South Africans who are fed up with the frequent power cuts that affect their work and daily lives.
This demand is likely to grow even more after the National Treasury announced a solar incentive scheme in March 2023. The scheme offers a rebate of up to R15,000 for households and 125% for businesses who invest in solar panel installations.

Unfortunately, this trend also comes with a downside: the rise of defrauders and criminals who prey on the solar market. Theft of solar panels has risen exponentially, as homeowners are having their panels stolen from their premises.

Some criminals have devised a new strategy: they target the solar installers themselves and rob them of their equipment before they reach their clients. Installers have resorted to removing solar installation signs from their vehicles to avoid being noticed by the thieves, and risk being ambushed.

In March, The City of Tshwane warned the public of scammers who pose as city officials and claim to launch a new solar project – even going as far as driving in a City of Tshwane marked vehicle.

Be ever mindful that criminals are constantly changing and adapting their methods, which means that homeowners need to stay updated on security trends.

Solar panels are a valuable asset for homeowners who want to save on electricity bills and avoid load shedding. But they also attract the attention of thieves who can make a quick buck by stealing them.

To prevent this, various measures can be taken to deter and detect the thieves, such as electric fencing, CCTV cameras, motion-activated lights, and alarms.

Be careful not to leave stepladders outside, as they could provide easy access for criminals to climb onto your balcony or roof, where they can steal solar panels or break into your windows.

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