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Women and Security
Published 18th August 2022

An evocative title, that immediately evokes a myriad of issues, thoughts, and emotions. This subject line can produce endless articles and debates that challenge history, the future and the here and now.

This blog is just going to focus on a schism around the here and now in your private space as a woman, and how security needs to be reviewed with some practical options.

Let’s look at your security in your immediate space, no matter where you are. 

We all need to be in a public environment at some point in the day:

  • Your movements are individually yours, so you need to focus on polarized security – your biggest threat is complacency! Be aware of your surroundings, check before just moving about, do a scan of your space, and trust your GUT feeling- if it does not feel right to be at that spot, in that moment, move off immediately.
  • If you feel wary about any character in your immediate space, observe for a moment and take mental notes – height, size, clothing, etc. Assess their intention. EQ /EQ (emotional and environmental intelligence).
  • You need to move from ‘I’m in a jail’ mentality, towards a daily workable routine of being conscious of your immediate surroundings.
  • What’s in your handbag? (if it’s of value, and does not need to be there, remove it).  Can your bag close properly? How are you holding it? Always keep it on you and to the front of you, don’t swing it to your back and side, or leave it for a second in or on a trolley or surface.
  • Did you check and double check that your car door was locked? Best to hover at your vehicle for a moment and re check again – if it’s unlocked after you locked it, well then just get right back in, and drive off.
  • Your cell phone!  This is without doubt the most singular item that causes the most issues…You know the rules! so follow them – don’t drive with your cell phone at your ear, and then be surprised at the stop sign, that your window is smashed. Also avoid a full social private chat on your phone, whilst meandering between the aisles of the supermarket. (You are being watched, and so are your goods and handbag, or even your phone- they are all at high risk of a snatch, grab and run). You are NOT focused or conscious of your surroundings when on your cell phone. – move off to the side if you must, check around you, and then have your chat, or call back later when you are safer.

We are all driving our cars, or being a passenger, at some point in a day:

  • Yes, high jacking is real

Most of us have kids at some point with us in public:

  • Yes, shopping centres are kid traps

We are at home alone regularly:

  • This is your safe place.
  • Take command of your security systems – yes, “systems”, not system – we need to move with the security trends and times, so your security needs to be layered.
  • It’s no longer sufficient to say you have an alarm system – when was it installed? – You may be shocked to calculate back and find it was a good couple of years ago. We are near the coast in EL, so need to service and upgrade regularly.
  • Review your homes’ risk areas and extend your risk evaluation further, to your surrounding neighbours or environment – security is now about warnings well in advance. We don’t want the perpetrator inside – we want to keep them away, and far away.
  • There are fantastic beam options and camera options.
  • Perimeter options, and of course, community security options.
  • Be part of your security solution by taking part, and taking care of yours and those around you.
  • The advantages of beams are that you can arm your home, and still be free to move around on the inside.
  • Test your panics regularly, and know where they are in the house. (Show the kids and the staff too).
  • Get a few cameras up. They are so much more affordable and ‘see’ for you, so you don’t step into danger.
  • Get a security app on your phone that’s part of a system that links all your systems together.
  • The shift you need to make is to understand the benefits that security technology has to offer, and that your security needs to meet your needs, and not restrict you, or ‘jail’ you.
  • Get hold of your service provider and understand the service you are getting, and what you are also accountable for.

As a woman, you need to empower yourself with regards to security. (It’s not for someone else to do), you cherish your home, your family, your pets, and your things; so consciously be proactive and not reactive.

Community communication can be very effective – communicate in a clear, respectful and factual manner, on open security platforms.

There are degrees of risk and disease – find your compass and use it!

You can’t save the entire world, so look after your carefully nurtured bubble!

Don’t be complacent.

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