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How to React in an Armed Robbery or Home Invasion
Published 22nd September 2022

Thinking about being a victim of an armed robbery or home invasion is scary and violating. Yet, it is essential to have a plan of action for this possibility.

Housebreaking or burglary has consistently been the most common crime experienced by households in South Africa. So, you need to know how to react in these life-threatening situations.

Despite coming up with a plan, there is no single method for deterring a home invader from targeting your home. You should have several critical security measures and habits to keep you and your family safe.

Staying calm

Firstly, try to stay as calm as possible. It is easier said than done, and we don’t always know how we will react in a situation. However, by preparing to stay calm, you avoid dangerous confrontations with the intruder. You want to make sure that you avoid attracting unwanted attention. Similarly, do not try to negotiate with intruders.

Find Safety

A designated safe room is highly beneficial for ensuring your family members are safe during an invasion. This could be a room equipped with home defence weapons or a section in your home that is protected by a security gate. When using home defence weapons, it is crucial to act tactically. There is no need to leave your safe room to confront the intruders.

The police are equipped and trained to handle potentially dangerous situations, so call for help and wait for the police to arrive before leaving the room. Even if you think the intruders are gone.

Forced Access

A high percentage of home invasions occur by forced access after the intruder attacks a person in the driveway. Therefore, times of exit and entry to your homes are when you are most vulnerable.

Before entering your driveway, check to see that no one is following you and that your surroundings don’t have people or vehicles close enough to pose a threat. Stopping parallel to your driveway before entering, scanning your environment, and then entering shortens the amount of vulnerable time spent in your driveway.


Vigilance is key. The best current security available is a system that does not sleep, is accurate, is instantly connected to help, and is cost-effective. We highly recommend the installation of CCTV Cameras at your home or in your neighbourhood. You have the ability to monitor your cameras through an app on your cell phone to assess safety, but the cameras can also be connected to the Broubart iCentre control room where they are monitored through Ai technology and highly skilled staff who will detect any threat to you home before an invasion can happen.

If you are thinking about ways of securing your property – call us. We have a security solution to meet your needs, and we greatly value the safety of our community.

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