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The Importance of Learning Basic Self-Defence
Published 25th October 2022

Self–defence, firstly, is about trusting your basic instincts. Being aware of your surroundings and taking precautions to avoid threatening situations. It’s about being smart. Secondly, self-defence means warding off an actual, or threatened, attack.

Having a basic knowledge of how to defend yourself in a harmful setting, will give you more self-confidence to handle a confrontation effectively, with less panic and impulsive behaviour (which, potentially, could make matters worse).

Sadly, these days, it is a regular occurrence to hear horrific stories of attacks on community members (especially women), which include violent home invasions, intimidation, rape, hijackings, kidnapping, opportunistic situations, and many more. The harm caused is unspeakable, and it continues unabated. This is why basic self-defence is becoming a necessity, not only for women and girls, but for everyone. Your self-defence knowledge is an advantage not only to yourself, but you could find yourself in a situation where you could defend somebody else against a perpetrator too!
The importance of learning basic self defence, also just gives you more confidence in your ability to protect yourself. The ability to buy extra minutes, to give yourself the opportunity to escape, or call for help.

You don’t need to be strong or fit, to have tactics to save yourself. Your basic self-defence doesn’t have to be a martial arts class, or other highly disciplined practice. There are basic self-defence classes which are adequately informative, and practical, for most people to apply. If you are too shy or self-conscious, make it a fun event. Invite friends and family members to join classes/demos with you, and simultaneously, you all benefit from the training, whilst giving one another moral support.

In the meantime, here are some valuable tips for keeping yourself safe. (These tips apply to anybody, at any time, even if you have completed self-defence training. You can never be too prepared.)

Be aware. With your head down, looking at your phone, or gazing down, you can become an easy target, because you are not paying attention. If you need to stop and check your phone, walk into a shop and check your phone there, then put it away before you start walking again.

Make brief eye contact. Show you are not an easy target. Shoulders back, chin up, brief eye contact. It shows the other person you are confident and aware. Making that very brief eye contact shows you are not an easy target and your radar is working.

Trust your instincts. Your intuition doesn’t lie. When you get that ‘this doesn’t feel good’ vibe, act on it. Remove yourself from that situation immediately. Your body response, and instinctual response, must always be heeded.

Walk confidently. You could be having a really bad day, looking down at your feet, shoulders hunched, wrapped up in your despair, ambling along, but when you are in an environment where there might be risks or threats, show up confident. Put away the heavy look. Head up. Show that you are in charge of what’s going on with you, and around you.


For more on security, give us a call, and look out for our regular free self defence classes offered in Nahoon, East London.

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