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Valuable Vehicle Safety Tips
Published 30th November 2022

Safe Parking
Try to find areas where CCTV systems are in place, which cover a wide range of the parking area, without blind spots. Choose a location that is well-lit and busy, preferably with someone patrolling the parking lot.

Doors and Windows
Check all doors are locked and windows are fully closed. Store detachable radios and radio faces, out of sight.

Opportunistic thieves
Avoid tempting the opportunistic thief! Never leave valuable or desirable items visible in the vehicle. This includes handbags, briefcases, cellphones, loose coins, laptops, cameras, packages, etc. Keep them locked in the boot.

Car keys
Never leave your keys in the ignition.

Beware wary of “good Samaritans”
If somebody approaches you, saying you have a flat tyre, for example. Be cautious. It could be a set up to rob you of your vehicle or goods.

City centre
When driving through the city centre, keep your windows closed and your doors locked. Do not open for hawkers plying their goods along the roadside

Hands-free kit
If you cannot avoid using your phone whilst driving, you will be well advised to invest in a hands-free kit.

Driving through unknown areas
If you have to travel through an unknown area, familiarise yourself with the route first. A satellite navigation system or map book is always of value.

Car alarm and anti-theft device
Obviously, a car alarm and anti-theft device is of great benefit. Potentially your car will be protected, which in turn, offers you peace of mind.

Be aware. Don’t be distracted
Keep your keys in your hand when approaching your vehicle. No fumbling and rummaging through handbags and pockets, making you vulnerable to someone with criminal intent. Don’t be distracted by your cellphone. Be aware of anything sinister and of any person/people behaving oddly, or observing you. Forewarned is forearmed.

Trust your Intuition!
If you don’t feel right about a situation, trust your instincts. More often than not, your fight-or-flight response is going to be correct. Go back to where you came from and if necessary, use your cellphone to call for assistance.

Don’t procrastinate
Once you have reached your car, don’t procrastinate. As you prepare to pull off, continue keeping a vigilant eye on your surroundings. (It is also a good idea to keep an eye on any moving vehicles that may be following you home).

Make being aware become second nature!

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