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Home Deliveries and your Security
Published 19th January 2023

We encourage you to be vigilant regarding deliveries of groceries, fast food, courier parcels etc. to private homes, which has become a high-risk area as criminals are gaining entry under this disguise.

The current modus operandi of these criminals is to lie in wait for the delivery driver, then steal their keys and cellphone, as they exit their vehicle to hand over your delivery. This can be an extremely frightening experience, which puts both the driver and yourself, at risk!

When expecting a delivery, leave your cell phone indoors. Don’t flash your cash… try to keep transactions quick and unobtrusive by handing over the correct amount. Limit your interactions. (Most companies offer online payment options, which does eliminate the handling of cash, but that is a personal choice). Shine a torch (not your phone torch!) if the area is dark, or make sure there is good lighting where you can accept your delivery.

The first prize in these circumstances is to have an intercom installed between your security gate and front door. Added security is never a waste, and the benefits are great. If you have children, teach them the importance of using the intercom before going out to answer the gate bell. It is also advisable that when you do go outside to collect deliveries, your children remain indoors, in case there is an incident. Rather safe, than sorry.

Don’t open your gate prior to the delivery. If possible, sign the delivery note through/over the gate, and collect your goods that way too. If it is a large delivery, ask the driver to leave it at the gate, and then open your gate once he/she has pulled off.

If you have a portable panic button, make a habit of carrying it with you when accepting deliveries – especially if you have to leave the front door. Make sure your panic button is always in working order, so if there is an emergency, you can alert your response company immediately. Make sure the panic button is always in an easy-to-reach and obvious place, for ALL the family.

As much as life has become more convenient through the touch of a button…. (we have cut down on travel, shopping, banking, or however you use the internet and online facilities)…. criminals will always adapt their methods to suit the current trends. Enjoy your more convenient lifestyle, but always keep tuned in and aware of those who try to sabotage it.

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